This exciting and innovative reading app is designed for children 7+ years old! Anybody can read this, but it is especially great for children with general reading, dyslexia, and/or language based processing issues. Reading cannot be enjoyed when it is difficult, but this eReading app puts the fun back into reading! This app might even inspire the reader to read more!

In order to make it easier for struggling readers to read, we took the first part of Gulliver’s Travels – Voyage to Lilliput written by Jonathan Swift, abridged it and rewrote it into modern English. This allows for the main ideas in the story to be retained, but the reader will experience an easier to follow the story. We created 32 beautiful original illustrations to enhance the experience.

These Options are all located on EACH page:

  • Narrator ON/OFF

  • Text Highlighting ON/OFF

  • Autopage Forward ON/OFF

  • Bookmarking

  • Go to a Specific Chapter

  • Paragraph Repeats when touched

The eReading app has 32 gorgeous original illustrations, specifically created for the Gulliver’s Travel story application. These illustrations provide additional contextual clues for struggling readers, as well as providing stunning visual additions to the story. Having interesting illustrations engages the reader more, hence finding it more interesting to read.

Lastly, the kinesthetic aspect engages those who like to touch and be involved in their reading. This app provides total control through the ability to swipe forward and backward on every page, reread a paragraph, and turn the Option bar on/off.

This eReading: Gulliver’s Travels apps comes with Spanish, German, French, and English!







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