Review from iPhone Life Magazine

Review from Users:

The books you offer are EXACTLY what our child desperately requires. She is 11 and has orthographic dyslexia (thinks in picture, not in words). While she wants to learn how to read, she remains frustrated due to the lack of e-Readers available to assist her in this process. PLEASE keep producing as many new e-Reader books that is possible. There are many children in our world that would greatly benefit from a wider selection of such e-Readers.

Mrs. M. Plano, TX

Review from “Apps For Homeschooling”:

“5 out of 5 apples!. eReading: The Best Thing combines a classic story, lovely watercolor illustrations, and word-by-word highlighting and narration to create a charming read-along experience that reinforces the core 220 Dolch sight words.”

Review from “Smart Apps for Kids”:

I would recommend this app to anyone looking for an interesting science fiction story for older students. The science fiction story is engaging and hooked me and my eight year old when we read it. So much so, that we both wanted to read more about the original story and have checked it out of the library.